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Susan Lincoln Art Prints and Limited Edition Prints

About the artist: Susan Lincoln

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Print Artist: Susan Lincoln

Susan Lincoln was born in the North East of England. She is a prolific painter who started producing art works in the mid 1980's. Since she began exhibiting her paintings the reaction to her art works has been well-received. Renowned Cumbrian artist Conrad Atkinson was an early collector of her art work. She now has an enthusiastic and increasing number of art collectors eager for her paintings and limited edition prints.

Susan Lincoln produces simple vibrant paintings and art prints are cheerful and joyous. And, over the last few years more and more people have been drawn to her quirky style limited edition prints which have been shown in various art galleries and exhibitions in the North of England and Scotland. Her art work appeals to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Susan Lincoln declines to explain what her rather idiosyncratic paintings and art prints are about - or which artists have influenced her style - but she freely admits to having a parrot as a muse. He is an African Grey who often sits and chats away on her shoulder as she paints in her art studio. She lives on a smallholding, surrounded by wilderness, wildlife and ponies. Her art prints and limited edition prints owe much to the landscape around her and the way it changes with the seasons. She has a real passion for the countryside and animals. Horses, birds and flowers feature strongly in her vibrant, richly painted art prints.

Susan Lincoln prefers to paint directly onto canvas without drawing first, working vigorously and spontaneously. Painting largely in isolation allows Susan to give her imagination free rein. Talking about her art work she says: I like my art work to have a happy or magical element to it. Art should make you smile as well as think. I feel I have the perfect career. When I am painting everything seems right, the outside world falls away and I am immersed in my own subject and experience. When starting each new painting I visualise in my mind the key elements of the work. I use acrylics because they dry very quickly. Every painting is a challenge for pleasure and enjoyment.

All Susan Lincoln art prints and limited edition prints from Global Art Prints have been appraised and approved by the artist. Each print supplied by Global Art Prints is a superb image and satisfies the quality standards set by Susan Lincoln for art prints. Each art print and limited edition print series from the Global Art Prints is normally available for immediate delivery.

Artist Susan Lincoln at Global Art Prints

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