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Mike Jackson Art Prints and Limited Edition Prints

About the artist: Mike Jackson

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Print Artist: Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson was born in Manchester in 1962. He left school with few qualifications but with a great love of art. His first job was in a Butcher's shop. This was followed by a wide and varied career path before eventually pursuing an artistic career path.

Mike Jackson is a self taught artist and his initial art career was developed around using various computer packages and an Apple Mac. He eventually made the move into the Commercial Art world and became a Graphic Designer. He stayed in the Commercial art world for about 12 years.

For a number of years Mike Jackson concentrated on perfecting his watercolour painting skills before starting to paint using acrylics. As Mike had no formal training in art he had to learn by his own mistakes, but says he would have it no other way. He feels that this is the best way of developing his own technique. Inspiration for his paintings and art prints come from many sources. He was greatly inspired by LS Lowry but many ideas come when he is driving, and thinking about quirky little images to paint. From an initial idea he tends to draw hundreds of little sketches, and then develops two or three of the best which in turn become paintings and limited edition prints.

In 1999 Mike Jackson moved to Somerset which has been a fabulous area for his artistic inspiration. He loves the local beaches which bring extra inspiration to his paintings. Living near the coast gives Mike the opportunity to collect reference for his new paintings and art prints. As Mike says, ‘I love to people watch, witnessing holiday romancers, beach bums, screaming kids high on candy floss and day trippers trying to enjoy their day whilst over-laden with bucket and spades, carrier bags full of butties, flasks of tea and sand sodden towels, queuing for the ‘charrabang’ to go home...deep joy.’

Another great source of inspiration for Mike Jackson's paintings and limited edition prints is his upbringing . Mike says: ‘My upbringing is full of treasured memories that inspire my art work – selling my mum’s best coat to the rag and bone man for a few balloons, holidaying at Blackpool and Rhyl, Donkey rides, Punch and Judy, sand in my butties and my mum on Prize Bingo always bring a smile to my face. This is naturally what I choose to paint. I love to share the humour of life in my work, If I paint a street scene with kids playing football, I believe the painting should have all the elements of the moment, even the old lady telling us to ‘go and play round your own end’, dogs getting amorous with each other and the ‘dimp picker’ collecting fag ends from the pavements. The inclusion of these wonderful memories makes my paintings much more interesting.’

All Mike Jackson art prints and limited edition prints from Global Art Prints have been appraised and approved by the artist. Each print supplied by Global Art Prints is a superb image and satisfies the quality standards set by Mike Jackson for art prints. Each art print and limited edition print series from the Global Art Prints is normally available for immediate delivery.

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