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Lesley Theil Art Prints and Limited Edition Prints

About the artist: Lesley Theil

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Print Artist: Lesley Thiel

Lesley Thiel was born in Middlesex,England. She studied at London University before moving to Europe and, later the United States. Whilst living in the United States Lesley discovered her love of horses when visiting a friend’s Arabian Stud.

After relegating art to a hobby for many years, Lesley Thiel found herself inspired by the sheer power and grace of horses. As a result she decided to become a full time artist in order to concentrate on capturing in art form the individual personalities, distinctive nature, charisma and power of each equine subject.

Since then Lesley Thiel has had art works accepted for many major exhibitions including the Mall Galleries in London and Palace House in Newmarket. Her art works have been published as Limited Edition Prints and she is represented by a number of art galleries within the UK. Lesley Thiel draws inspiration from artists, such as Ruebens and Bonheur, whose art works conveyed the spirit, energy and strength of horses. With her use of delicate palettes and soft colour, Lesley offers the viewer the opportunity to experience for themselves the magnificent power, compassion and spirit combined with the natural beauty of her horses. With subtle colours and soft brush strokes Lesley allows her audience to feel the movement and touch of her chosen subject.

Talking about her art prints and limited edition prints Lesley Thiel say: “ Horses are such an amazing mixture of curves and planes. When they are in motion they have a fluid grace which is simply breathtaking. My passion is to capture and preserve those moments of sheer perfection when a horse expresses its remarkable spirit. Each horse I paint is an individual, and I consider my works to be portraits and not simply pictures of equines. Within my paintings, I am trying to capture beauty, regardless of the subject. It is my belief that almost any subject can appear beautiful at certain moments. Using dramatic lighting and subjects in motion, I try to create paintings that speak to those special emotions. I aim for works that appear spontaneous in their composition, as if they were capturing a fleeting event and my subjects were about to depart the canvas. ”

Lesley Thiel paintings are meticulously planned. Each art work is the result of many hours of painstaking work, using tiny brushes in an attempt to create paintings that will appear to leap off the canvas. As Lesley's work has evolved she has adopted techniques, such as using broken colour, in order to accentuate a feeling of movement. Although most of Lesley's art prints and limited edition prints are of horses, she does not consider herself an equestrian artist, but rather, a portraitist.

Lesley Thiel art prints are produced using the latest giclée prints technology and are printed on fine art paper using lightfast pigment inks. Lesley Thiel Limited Edition Prints maybe purchased either as unmounted art prints, mounted art prints or framed art prints.

All Lesley Thiel art prints and limited edition prints from Global Art Prints have been appraised and approved by the artist. Each print supplied by Global Art Prints is a superb image and satisfies the quality standards set by Lesley Thiel for art prints. Most art prints and limited edition prints from the Global Art Prints are normally available for immediate delivery and can be shipped throughout the world in a few days.

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