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Elaine Cooper Art Prints and Limited Edition Prints

About the artist: Elaine Cooper

Limited Edition Prints and Collectable Art Prints from Global Art Prints

Artist: Elaine Cooper

Elaine Cooper was born in Lancashire. She was always interested in art from primary school days but her initial choice of career was as a designer. She made a name for herself honing her craft during many happy years working for some of the top UK and American textile companies before seizing the opportunity to pursue her first love of creating art works.

Today Elaine Cooper is an established artist producing bold, vibrant art prints that present snatches of real life. Elaine’s background in Design has given her an exceptional command of colour and texture which is used to recreate the humorous scenes evident in her limited edition prints. Elaine Cooper’s art work has been reproduced as limited edition prints for a number of years now. The appeal of Elaine art prints is in the exuberance and sense of fun they recreate. She loves to paint narrow tall Mediterranean buildings which she has admired while holidaying in France. Elaine sees them as quirky individuals nestling among the hills, each one with its own character, attempting to form a relationship between the viewer and the viewed. A love of Rackham and Arte in the early days and Leonardo's genius with texture and love of architecture inspired her art prints even down to the flower pots that sit excitedly by the door waiting to see who chooses this house. Elaine Cooper says: ‘I have always loved these coloured houses and ever since I was a child I have had a fascination with hot air balloons and the mystery they create as they head to pastures new. The colour and appeal of bright flowers such as poppy’s and sunflowers have always been one of my favourite subjects, in these, my most recent art prints I feel I have combined them to great effect. Inspired as they are by the rolling hills of the English countryside where I have spent many happy hours painting and sketching.’

Elaine Cooper art prints are produced using the latest giclée prints technology and are printed on fine art paper using lightfast pigment inks. All Elaine Cooper Limited Edition Prints maybe purchased either as unmounted prints, mounted prints or framed art prints.

All Elaine Cooper art prints and limited edition prints from Global Art Prints have been appraised and approved by the artist. Each print supplied by Global Art Prints is a superb image and satisfies the quality standards set by Elaine Cooper for art prints. Each art print and limited edition print series from the Global Art Prints is normally available for immediate delivery.

Artist Elaine Cooper at Global Art Prints.

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